Hey Ladies,


Whether you are a woman online dating or meeting with new clients this app is for you! Verify him before you meet to see if he's been flagged with a warning by someone who has met him previously.


If you have met a man who should be avoided, blocked and blacklisted please enter a warning for him in the Verify Him app using the link below. 


Android or iPhone 


Use the (+) on the bottom right hand corner to add contact. Next type their name or phone number into the Search bar at the top. Choose contact when it pops up and then choose Warn. Go to Choose for type of call and pick a warning off the dropdown menu list. There is also an option to elaborate on your warning if you wish.


I saw a need for myself when developing this app and my hope is that we women can collectively work together to avoid dangerous situations while getting a heads up to men who should be avoided, blocked and blacklisted.


Verify Him app is based out of the US and is independently owned by a woman for women.